5. Tararua 1500s

DESC Run all the 1500ms in 48 hours.Rolfe is said to have done it in 36 hours (to be confirmed)after a sleep at Jumbo

You can start and end at any entrance to the Tararuas. They can be different end to the start…


We believe Colin Rolfe was the 36 hour record. He did the first section Putara-Jumbo with a group. Had a sleep there and completed the journey solo via bull mound and out at Otaki. There has also been a 1500’s done as an S-K by Jonathan Kennet and a friend. It took them a little over 48hrs, finishing down Quoin Ridge.

Tim Sutton Dec 2017 just completed 1500s in 28 07 the first ever to complete this route in one push

1500 M List

NOTE Naughty Hector is the outlier!!!



Mitre 1,571
Girdlestone 1,546
Peggy’s Peak 1,545
McGregor 1,540
Brockett 1,538
Bannister 1,537 (and several knobs over 1,500)
North King 1,535
South King 1,531
Hector 1,529
Mid King 1,521
Angle Knob 1,510
Arete 1,505
Lancaster 1,504
Dundas 1,500 (1,499 depending upon map edition!)