1 Main Range S-K (Schormann to Kaitoke) Information


Revered and feared by many experienced trampers and mountain runners this is the most tough challenge in the Tararuas. First accomplished in 1963 (1963 was first recorded trip in a weekend, but not the first trip of the route -1931 for a tramping party, possibly before that unrecorded) ) in those days the route took them up the Shormanns track to Putara hut near the Putara road end .Putara hut was burnt down in 1977 and was replaced with Herepai in hut. Schormanns track was closed but the name stuck.

Route description

Elevation gain:  6800 m

Distance: 77km-82km (Dep on whose Garmin you believe)

Link to 3d map



S-K Traverse





Traversing the western range from the Dundas Ridge, down the Southern Main Range finishing with the Southern Crossing.  It is this third route that is considered to be the most challenging due to it’s length, total vertical climb and general exposure to the elements.


Point Thurlow Goldsworthy Rolfe Swal/Pid Bix/Guise  Tim Sutton Shelton/Beckingsale
Herepai(5k/644m) 50 75 73 54  64  56  67
East Peak(3.5k/637m) 72 65 65 43 66  64  72
Dundas(7.2k/(827m) 140 110 105 130  123  136
Arete(3.5k/321m) 52 55 55 326(detour!) 53  54  67
Drac Biv(6.1k/439m) 75 90 80 75 71  78  80
Nichols(5.3k/780m) 105 100 105 104 94  100  102
Andersons(6.2k/477m) 101 100 80 70  77  84  85
Aokap(5.4k/580m) 95 100 95  92  91  95
Maungahuka(4.7k/504m) 85 85 81 154  76  78  85
Kime(9k/1000m) 170 165 158 135  169  151  175
Alpha(8.1k/600m) 166 140 120 119  127  126  143
Block XVI(5k) 92  90  102  120
Kaitoke(11.7k) 368 340 291 160  184  247  177
Breaks 52 105 71  0
Total Time  25hr47  25hr30  22hr59 22hr12  21hr33  22h34  23h26m

Point Helm  Beaumont  Allen Garret/MCutch   Carpenter Tarbortan Pickering
Herepai(5k/644m) 65  62  56  70 60 59
East Peak(3.5k/637m) 80  88  58 88 75
Dundas(7.2k/(827m) 147  287  127  80  194 169 121
Arete(3.5k/321m) 69  98  52  72  117 68 51
Drac Biv(6.1k/439m) 97  86 73  109 95 84
Nichols(5.3k/780m) 90  189  109 75  140 110 100
Andersons(6.2k/477m) 74  79  78 65  123 88 85
Aokap(5.4k/580m) 97  89 78 79 91
Maungahuka(4.7k/504m) 82  172  81  63  229 65 83
Kime(9k/1000m) 163  162 139  205 138 160
Alpha(8.1k/600m) 185  317  138  128  202 120 131
Block XVI(5k)  103  130  78 80 85
Kaitoke(11.7k) 182  282  193  148  355 148 202
Total Time  23hr54  23h42m  23h43m  18h15m  29 h 21 48 22 07

S-K Water

Water re-supply….Herepai, Dundas (But its a big drop down then climb back to main ridge)Drac Biv (Herepai to Drac biv long 6 hour section with no water if you dont drop to Dundas) , Nichols (If you drop down but only a quick drop and climb) Andersons, Mangahuka, Kime, Alpha

S-K Bail Outs

Junction Knob via Waitawaewae to Otaki Forks

Kime Hut  to Otaki Forks via Field Hut

S-K By Section

S-K Stage 1-3 time ranges per section as per 24 hour as by previous attemptees up to 2015

Stage 1 Herepai Alt 700m Dist 4.5 km Desc: Open DOC track well formed climbs from road to.Herepai,

Stage 2 East Peak Alt 1200m Dist 3.2  km Desc: This where it gets rugged . No formed track more of a route , cairns and ridges.

Stage 3 Dundas Alt 1400m Dist 6.2  km Desc: As above…gets quite narrow and ridgy slow going.Stage 1-3

S-K Stage 4-5

Stage 4 Arete Alt 1400m Dist 6 km Desc: Lovely open. Amazing views. Still more of a route than track.

Stage 5 Drac Biv Alt 1200m Dist   7 km Desc: Well formed DOC track drops down through bush.


 S-K Stage 6

Stage 6  Nicholls Alt 1100m Dist   4 km Desc:Through the bush to you climb back onto tops and Nichols.


 S-K Stage 7

Stage 7  Andersons Alt 1300m Dist   4 km Desc: Lovely open part of route not too steep and great in clear weather.


 S-K Stage 8

Stage 8  Aokap Alt 1300m Dist   4 km Desc: Generally open …Be careful to get nav correct at Aokap. It is quite exposed open section with not that many markers or cairns. Can be tricky in clag…Suggest gps or good map compass work here.


S-K Stage 9-10

Stage 9  Mangahuka Alt 1000m Dist   6 km Desc: This is the section that reallys starts to test .The Main SMR (Southern Main Range )proper. It gets more gnarly (Not as bad as Nth Tararua but more walky climby than runny). That applies to whole SK really….

Stage 10  Kime Alt 1300m Dist   10 km Desc: This is the key section of whole SK for me. It involves The Taraua ladder ! Things to watch out for …

As you leave Maungahuka you will reach an intersection that goes left down to Neil Forks or right along to the ladder.Make sure you do not take the left down to Neil Forks! It is not v well signed so check your gps here..(Its just above Maungahuka hut lip as you heading towards ladder.

The actual intersection you need to turn right at is about 50m before the intersection sign! Follow this track into the hallowed peaks…chains will start and out of the mist you will spot the amazing frame of a ladder rising high to a big dome.

Tararua Ladder! A rite of passage!

Climb the ladder…turn right at top of ladder ! Never go left at the top….(I did once i would not recommend)

You will not see where to go until top of ladder there is a narrow walkway… to the right…follow that it sidles around the face to more chains….Once you are up and over this section you are on your main SMR proper to Bridge Peak.

The SMR to Bridge Peak is the toughest section for me. It is endless climbs esp last climb to Bridge Peak. When you have got to top you know the worst is over.At Bridge Peak intersection….

‘Turn right for shopping Left for Glory’


S-K Stage 11-12

Stage 11  Alpha Alt 1200m Dist   8 km Desc: Climbs . Bit gnarly, Finally opens up as you get towards Alpha.

Stage 12  Block XVI Alt 900m Dist   6 km Desc: Welcome to the Marchant Ridge! It will go on and on and on. Roots …..and more roots and more roots…..


S-K Stage 13

Stage 13  Kaitoke Alt 400m Dist   11 km Desc: As above until it opens up a bit near the end and hits the DOC track and last few k to the end….


S-K Main Range Profile


Main Range S-K Route map

Map scale AO

Map scale A3

Links to printable high res maps






Image Gallery

936694_10153169130930695_170294014402540357_n 1013625_10153169131045695_8762279623712111965_n 1380524_10153169130085695_8938948424888913706_n 1454715_10153169133740695_298699032587173226_n 1470019_10153169130760695_2850350870019079385_n 1507175_10153169130310695_114329128561527346_n 1604578_10153169128970695_340226177522198100_n 1781942_10153169130820695_6998402990422682631_n 1794758_10153169132045695_3679283144938172307_n 10376998_10153169136155695_8223736494827432575_n 10383633_10153169130545695_86089736904477803_n 10388571_10153169134860695_6379691790376733221_n 10390410_10153169134375695_8774804936626681566_n 10404289_10153169136090695_8326833421504495079_n 10407076_10153169133330695_8770569661539722221_n 10408697_10153169129235695_1272759468132652005_n 10409624_10153169134085695_3413262954607408577_n 10410763_10153169129355695_1858953581390100338_n 10418246_10153169129700695_3634574141198499_n 10420291_10153169134140695_8855004930294385598_n 10422313_10153169135140695_4541106684824763280_n 10428491_10153169129430695_768884998155765169_n 10438460_10153169130655695_2993635422018431114_n 10471554_10153169132625695_3211889554689164772_n 10474219_10153169134910695_7896760440059710585_n 10481574_10153169135345695_6281272959460744737_n 10492325_10153169133875695_3610819444474984517_n 10606238_10153169129855695_7359525419837467882_n 10635998_10153169135395695_2987234090163454333_n 10685332_10153169134985695_1943006763545681268_n 10801696_10153169133605695_598419661946232688_n 10806386_10153169131365695_6972362361244590463_n 10906540_10153169135250695_4728417002744875055_n 10917412_10153169130375695_5421612423748639921_n 10918999_10153169135545695_6173936276286821001_n 10924693_10153169129815695_613455486476400517_n 10926403_10153169133260695_7199053241470515895_n 10931422_10153169134615695_3109066659842209284_n 10940514_10153169133175695_5134787856048075657_n 10941831_10153169131710695_1270823069950258120_n 10942738_10153169134295695_1461515138630251207_n 10943763_10153169133930695_3791983249181379085_n 10945051_10153169132860695_4649768080129459290_n 10945055_10153169135880695_835313657654017374_n 10945594_10153169128975695_8001103636239969280_n 10945604_10153169133025695_4785184217081761116_n 10945709_10153169129205695_2325216758332218746_n 10945752_10153169135875695_8003187243290270745_n 10945758_10153169131215695_528912897786741146_n 10945781_10153169129925695_6274800041855653911_n 10947175_10153169130150695_9063749439916660072_n 10947225_10153169129985695_4031034377817100993_n 10947280_10153169131875695_1523892082574416715_n 10947326_10153169133420695_960446720758257944_n 10952068_10153169132435695_1118360001639063680_n 10952068_10153169133505695_6036213121181976110_n 10952371_10153169130495695_3195353086104400639_n 10952882_10153169134705695_6315136179993611783_n 10955239_10153169129525695_7107619742834874039_n

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